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Wheatgrass Tray

Wheatgrass Tray

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Hosting an event? Decorate it with our gorgeous wheatgrass trays!

Offering 3 sizes (10x10, 10x20, 17x17) at multiple height options, allows you the flexibility to meet your needs.

At checkout, you're able to choose the date and time of the pickup or delivery. Orders are recommended at least 10 days out - if you need it in a rush, you can reach out and see if we're able to accommodate.

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Will all of the grass be the same size?

Our wheatgrass is a natural product, and growing conditions can vary, but we do our best to have it ready in your chosen height range!

What events can I utilize wheatgrass for?

Weddings, parties, corporate events, golf outings and more!

Why is there a tray deposit?

Trays are reusable, quite expensive to purchase, and can be difficult to source. We do prefer to have them returned, and once returned the tray deposit is refunded.

Do you deliver?

We can deliver on the day of the event, or you are able to pick them up in the shop. Our delivery fee is $100.