Wheatgrass: Key to a Successful Morning Routine

Written by: Paul Green



Time to read 3 min

Fresh wheatgrass juice is a nutritional powerhouse that gives you instant energy in the morning and may help control blood sugar throughout the day.

The first glow of dawn typically sends a signal to our bodies that it’s time to fuel up and face the day. Whether it's through a cup of coffee, a hearty breakfast, or a morning workout, we all have our rituals to kickstart the morning with vitality and intent. Imagine incorporating a green, nutrient-dense powerhouse into this sacred routine - enter, wheatgrass. This vibrant grass, often converted into juice, is not only a potent health enhancer but also a wholesome way to infuse your mornings with an additional burst of energy. Let's dive into the luscious, green world of wheatgrass and explore five significant benefits it brings to the table, followed by some tips to weave it seamlessly into your morning ritual.

Juice it Up:

  • Shot: Make a pure wheatgrass shot as a part of your morning routine. Look out for added energy and a boost to the body.

  • Mix it up: mix it with other juices like ginger or citrus fruits to create a unique power shot. 

  • Boost it up: Wheatgrass is so rich in minerals it can be added to other juice to significantly boost calcium, magnesium, potassium, manganese and other minerals and vitamins like vitamin C. 

  • No sipping: the best way for drinking wheatgrass juice is right below!





Take it like a shot of your favorite drink!  

No sipping. Get your desired amount - 1 to 2 ounces is the typical - that you can hold in your mouth. Take it all in! And then swish, swish, swish for a few seconds. Now swallow! 

Wheatgrass is great for your gums! The antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties found in its rich chlorophyll promote healthy gum tissue. Also, swishing the wheatgrass for a few seconds helps generate more saliva containing enzymes to further help with digestion.


Wheatgrass, with its impressive nutrient profile and myriad health benefits, can undeniably be a potent addition to your mornings, propelling you through the day with increased vitality and well-being. This is why many prefer to have wheatgrass on an empty stomach to ensure maximum absorption. However, getting it in is the most important so don't sweat it!  


The most popular amount consumed by wheatgrass enthusiasts is 2 ounces per day. For those who feel more is better, please know it feels best to split it up throughout the day versus drinking 4 to 6 ounces all at one time. ;-)


A few of the many benefits…

1. A Nutritional Powerhouse

Wheatgrass is laden with an impressive amount of vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids (protein). It boasts a generous amount of Vitamin A, C, and E, not to mention its rich calcium, magnesium, and iron content. This nutritional profile fortifies your body, ensuring that you're not only meeting your dietary needs but also enhancing your overall well-being.


2. A Natural Detoxifier

Wheatgrass is renowned for its detoxifying properties. It aids in cleansing the liver, an essential organ responsible for filtering toxins from the body. The chlorophyll content helps in neutralizing and removing harmful substances, providing a gentle and natural detox that will keep your body functioning optimally.

"Simply take a shot of wheatgrass juice as a part of your morning routine, ensuring a direct, concentrated intake of its myriad benefits."

3. Immune System Booster

A robust immune system is paramount to warding off illnesses and ensuring a healthy body. The abundance of antioxidants found in wheatgrass contributes to enhancing immune function, helping to defend the body against infections and diseases. Regular consumption can, therefore, be a key to maintaining a fortified and resilient immune system.


4. Enhances Digestive Health

Wheatgrass is rich in enzymes which play pivotal roles in supporting digestive health.  Enzymes assist in breaking down food that in return helps with maximizing nutrient absorption.


5. Elevates Energy and Vitality

Skip the morning coffee jitters and opt for a sustainable energy boost with wheatgrass. The iron, chlorophyll, and vitamin content enhance oxygen availability to your cells, promoting improved circulation and providing your body with a stable, enduring surge of energy.