Fresh, locally grown wheatgrass and sprouts

Perfect for juicing or adding to homemade dishes and salads.

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We'll bring your freshly harvested wheatgrass and sprouts straight to your door - on the day you prefer! Free for all subscriptions.

  • Wheatgrass

    - Boosts the immune system

    - Stabilizes blood sugars

    - Helps lower cholesterol

    - Reduces inflammation

    - and more!

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  • Sunflower Sprouts

    - Great antioxidant

    - High in B Vitamins

    - Hign in Vitamin E

    - High in Protein and Zinc

    - and more!

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  • Pea Sprouts

    - Extremely high in Vitamin K

    - High in Vitamin A

    - High in Vitamin C

    - High in Manganese

    - and more!

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